SKI SWAP OCT 6-8, 2023



We will again be using computer based system called  MyConsignmentManager​ for the SWAP.  You will need to set-up a free account by clicking this link to Team Afton's MyCM Portal 

Please note this link and be sure to always use the MyCM Team Afton site - (ie...Do not do an internet search and go to one of the results.  Click on the links provided here.)

Here is a continued step-by-step process to get your items entered and ready for drop-off!  


  • Go to the MyCM Team Afton Portal (My Consignment Manager) and set-up an account.
  • Be sure to enter a valid e-mail address so you can receive your check​ at the end of the sale.
  • Once your account is set-up, login through the MyCM Team Afton Portal with your userID and password.  Please note they are case sensitive.
  • Go to “Manage Items”, click “Add”, then follow the prompts for each field including size (whole number) and add a description to help identify your item. (25 character limit).
  • Prices are whole numbers only.
  • If you check the DISCOUNT box, on Sunday the item(s) will be offered to buyers for 25% off your original sale price.
  • If you check the DONATE box, we will donate that item to charity after the sale if it does not sell. Alternatively, you can just not collect unsold items.
  • The last drop down box would be used if you have multiple items that are exactly the same with the same price (uncommon).
  • Please print your tags at home on normal 8.5 X 11 paper. Select “Full Page - 8 tags per page”.  This will generate a pdf file to be downloaded then printed. If you navigate directly to, you will be asked for a print code. If that happens, please login at the MyCM Team Afton Portal and print your tags.
  • Attach tags to your items using packing tape so that they are secure, yet visible. If you are attaching to boots or another item that can be separated, please attach so that the product is securely attached, including the tag (think zip-tie). **If you do not have access to a printer, please register your items and we can work with you at the time of drop-off to complete printing.


Come to the Alps Chalet at Afton Alps (6600 Peller Ave. S., Hastings MN 55033) with your printed tags and sale items during one of our designated drop-off times. No appointments required:

Sunday, October 1st from 4-8pm

Tuesday, October 3rd from 3-7pm

Wednesday, October 4th from 3-7pm

Thursday, October 5th from 3-7pm

Friday, October 6th from 11am-3pm

Please follow the signs posted in the parking lot. Volunteers will collect your items, scan your tags into inventory, and your items are successfully ready for the sale! **If you are not able to pre-print tags due to lack of access to a printer, we can help with printing upon drop-off.

There is a $2 charge per item (max of $20) that is collected at drop-off.

A 23% commission is collected if the item sells, benefitting the 501(c)3 non-profit Team Afton Ski Racing Club.


P.O Box 309

AFTON, MN 55001 - 0309