Hotel Information

Hello All,

Special thanks to Justin V. & Teresa C. who complied this list to help y’all in the reservation jungle.

There’s two tabs – the first one is just the BASICs if you want to call the hotels. If you prefer to try on-line, the DETAILS tab should provide more of what is arranged. If there’s anything crossed out – means you can still stay there, but we didn’t go that route this time. Pay attention to ROOM BLOCK deadlines. Also, pay attention to which race is referenced (we have everything from Rising Star races to FIS races – they don’t all apply to your racer).

There may be a hole or two in the FIS/U16 and older group category and out-of-division area, but we may update those as we go – contact TonyO for out-of-division ideas.

Here’s the LINK to the google sheet:

Hope this helps!