Calendar – Preliminary Competition Calendar CHANGES

Region One USS&S is working hard to establish our competition schedule. Recent developments coming from US Ski & Snowboard – Park City, UT have shed new light on regulations that will need to be adhered to. Team Afton’s calendar is subscribed to “USSA Central Division Region 1 Events” in the drop-down in the upper right corner of our calendar at:

Note from Region One Leadership:

The calendar for this coming season is still being finalized. CR1 chose to post a preliminary calendar so families would have an idea of what to expect this coming season, this has caused some confusion. We have chosen to take it down to eliminate the confusion. When we have a complete calendar, it will be posted again.No matter how much planning is done over the summer and fall, the calendar is still subject to change due to weather, COVID restrictions from the State of Minnesota, the local county and city, the MN Ski Areas Association, the ski area hosting us, US Ski and Snowboard, Central Division, and CR1. CR1 Board of Directors is doing everything in our power to set up a user friendly calendar that has enough dates for our athletes to complete throughout the season as allowed, but we are also trying to anticipate any issues that may arise mid-season.

US Ski and Snowboard just published and sent to members guidelines for COVID preparedness. It is posted on their website also. Please read this and make yourself aware of the guidelines to help all of us move and compete through this time in our country. CR1 Board will do everything in its power to keep our members as up to date as possible.”

With this new information, we encourage everyone to be patient. The R1 calendar may remain visible on our website – please wait on making any definite plans until the message changes from Preliminary or Draft, to FINAL. The main structure of the calendar is generally in place; some things that may change: gender competition dates, weekend dates may expand to include Fridays/Mondays, etc.. Thank you again for your understanding and flexibility.

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