Hello Team Afton,

We are excited to announce the start of our advanced dryland program in partnership with Training Haus Fitness. We are pleased to be partnering with Training Haus and TCO for our 4th season. The program will be a 10-week program starting this coming Tuesday, September 14th, 6pm – 7:15, and run Tuesdays and Thursdays through mid-November. As was the case last year, there is an additional fee associated with Training Haus’ expert guidance and facility use. The cost for the full program is $325. Starting in October there will be an updated link for late-start athletes with a prorated fee. The link is here:


Who is this for? Team Afton encourages everyone to be active, stay active, and make physical activity a daily regimen. The Training Haus program is for all athletes but is better suited to a minimum age of U12 (10-11) and older, and particularly geared toward the u14, u16, U19-21-FIS athletes. We will focus on eccentric resistance and weight form, plyometrics, balance, and base fitness to competition-readiness. We will have a Team Afton coach on hand each night to guide the younger athletes through the Training Haus workout – while the older athletes will be pushed by a Training Haus conditioning expert. We will be limiting this training to a maximum of 25 athletes.

For everyone: we will also be conducting Mtn Biking sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays – starting Sunday, September 19th. Younger participants must have an adult accompany them while mtn biking. Helmets and a good working mtn bike are a must. More info on times and location to follow. It is required for anyone participating in Team Afton programs to be a registered member of Team Afton per our insurance agreements. If you’re not registered, please go to: https://www.teamafton.com/programs/

Working together as a team. As we begin our season still dealing with the Pandemic, it is of the utmost importance that each member of Team Afton (athletes and parents and coaches) takes their personal responsibility seriously when it comes to COVID-19 cautions. The only way this works is to take your concern for your family, your community, and our team – seriously. Daily life is often more concerning than the planned sessions we will conduct. Bringing COVID-19 home, to the gym or to the hill is our main concern – please continue to be disciplined and vigilant.

A word on COVID-19 from Training Haus and Team Afton

Training Haus has some guidelines in place that asks each athlete to adhere to for every session including:

  1.    1. We understand that families need to do what’s right for them. If you can be vaccinated with a CoronaVirus vaccine, please consider getting vaccinated. As for a Flu Shot – we encourage team members to get a flu shot too. A team training together elevates the risk of spreading germs. As athletes, we don’t want to miss valuable training or competitions due to ill health.
  2.      2. Temperature taking prior to arriving at workouts; we ask athletes and their families to self-report if they have had any symptoms or have been around someone who has. This applies to ALL athletes regardless of vaccination status.
  3.      3. Hand washing prior to workouts and hand washing after.
  4.      4. All athletes will agree to exercise appropriate physical distancing precautions.
  5.      5. For ALL athletes: you are to wear masks entering and while exiting the facility. We are in a public space with TCO patients coming and going – please be respectful of this.
  6.      6. ALL ATHLETES: You are encouraged to wear masks during the workout, but we are leaving it to each athlete to determine if/when they remove masks during workouts, allowing for mask removal during intense bouts of exercise. Masks must be present during idle times during workouts.
  7.      7. Coaches are always to wear masks during the workout – they have been given some leniency to drop masks when talking to a large group and need their voice to carry.  They have also been cleared to remove masks for outdoor coaching, mainly when it is exceptionally warm outdoors – given the lower risks with appropriate distancing outdoors.
  8.      8. Disinfecting of equipment during/after each workout

Team Afton and Training Haus will update COVID-19 procedures as necessary according to current CDC, USSS, and local governing bodies as deemed appropriate.

This workout program is administered by Training Haus. As members of Team Afton, you will be expected not only to follow Training Haus rules, but also adhere to any Team Afton prescribed mandates to achieve the safest approach when meeting for workouts, practices, or events/competitions. It is required for anyone participating in Team Afton programs to be a registered member of Team Afton per our insurance agreements. If you’re not registered, please go to: https://www.teamafton.com/programs/

Please see attached flyer. Please note that in late October, we may relocate our workouts to TCO’s new facility opening in Stillwater. If you have any questions, please contact TonyO.

We apologize in advance if you’re receiving this email in error or more than once – during early season we try to cover a wide swath of our current membership as well as last year’s members who have yet to sign up! If you have moved on from Team Afton, please email us back and ask to be removed from this list.

Our best in skiing,

TonyO and Team Afton Alpine Club

Director, Team Afton – Alpine Club


Mailing: PO Box 309, Afton MN 55001

Team Afton is a 501(c)(3) organization for youth sports


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